What is Liberalism? And do we want it?

by Joshua Dill, On January 28, 2015

Without question, the ideas of liberty, justice, and rights are foundational to our modern understanding of politics. Defining them is so controversial because they are so important.

Hungary Goes Hawkish on Syria

by Vera Molnár, On September 16, 2013

Hungary jumped ahead of many of its peers in the EU by taking sides with the U.S. on Syria, which may reap some much needed diplomatic rewards as the country awaits its new U.S. Ambassador.

George Kennan & Central Europe

by Lee Congdon, On February 6, 2013

Diplomatic experience had convinced Kennan that democracy was inimical to a mature and responsible foreign policy, in part because democracies had to contend with a public opinion that was woefully uninformed and erratic.

“Our People in America”

by Bálint Ablonczy, On January 14, 2013

The Hungarian American Coalition has been lobbying on behalf of Hungary for 20 years, helping to build international and transgenerational Hungarian-American bonds.

Saddling up for July 4th

by Vera Molnár, On July 4, 2012

There is much to cherish in an American culture of individuals who paved their own paths and built their own communities. Perhaps the desire to return to a more self-reliant culture, was one reason Hungarians identified with the American wild west as seen through popular culture.

America through European Eyes, 1492-9/11

by Christina Russell, On March 19, 2012

It’s a love-hate relationship since European philosophers desire the wealth that U.S. capitalism represents, but without any negative repercussions.


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