Siding with the Sick Man of Europe

by Botond Feledy, On April 21, 2015

Hungary, historically stuck between the East and the West, is once again missing the mark, as evidenced by the country’s weak foreign policy stance regarding the Ukraine crisis and the government’s recent cozying up to Russia.

Response to Hungarian Free Press’ Sloppy Online Attack

by PaprikaPolitik, On April 20, 2015

CSS members are generally a cheerful, respectful, well-educated, and well-dressed bunch. We’re not going to apologize for that.

Why Jobbik’s Electoral Victory is More than an Electoral Problem

by Joshua Dill, On April 16, 2015

If the mainstream parties want to halt or reverse this trend, they must recognize that Jobbik’s advance comes thanks to a counterculture that is far more powerful than the official institutions of the party itself.

The Political Ten Commandments of the Freedom Loving Man

by István Bibó, On April 4, 2015

He trusts in the power of communities, the decency of the majority of people and that with audacity and will this can come to reign public matters.


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