SYRIZA: European Parties React

by Joshua Dill, On February 25, 2015

The new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras now enters a complicated political context, one made increasingly turbulent by his own party’s confrontational positions in the realms of economics, geopolitics, and foreign policy.

Szólásszabadság és józan ész

by Marion Smith, On January 28, 2015

A Chatham House szabályt a nyílt és őszinte eszmecsere kibontakozásának érdekében használjuk, mert úgy gondoljuk, hogy az intelligens, civilizált párbeszéd és meggyőzőképesség egy szabad társadalom elengedhetetlen részét képezi.

What is Liberalism? And do we want it?

by Joshua Dill, On January 28, 2015

Without question, the ideas of liberty, justice, and rights are foundational to our modern understanding of politics. Defining them is so controversial because they are so important.

The Principles of Liberty vs. Dogmatic Liberalism

by Orsolya Ujj & Sandor Udvary, On January 27, 2015

The rule of law should ensure a safe setting for a healthy economy and a fair market where innovation can take wing.

Local & Municipal Elections in Hungary

by Dorián Elek, On October 14, 2014

After the failed election of October 12th, a large overhaul is expected on the left.

Marx Statue Loses Place of Honor

by Aron Fellegi, On October 13, 2014

Hungarians who lived under Marxism-Leninism do not want it anymore, not even in the form of a statue.

Announcing Fall 2014 Pannonius Fellows

by CSS staff, On August 27, 2014

The Pannonius Fellowship Program is a 5-month, full-time transatlantic fellowship opportunity for young leaders and scholars from the U.S. and Hungary.

Orbán Makes History in Hungary

by Vera Molnár, On April 16, 2014

The post-communist left crumbles, the radical right expands, greens keep their foot in the door and Orbán gets a comfortable majority to govern from the center.

New Rules, New Tactics: Hungary’s 2014 Elections

by Dorián Elek, On April 4, 2014

This week’s Hungarian elections will play out under the most drastic rule change to have taken place since the end of the Communist era.

Building Bridges in London

by Peter Antal, On April 3, 2014

It is key in any city to build a network of engaged, connected, and energetic young people who can share ideas and debate policies. These small communities represent the first steps to ultimately building a more stable, prosperous, and vibrant society.


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